Competition Finalist
Organizer: Daren Industry Group Hong Kong Research Center
Team: Mona Vijaykumar

Historically, tunnels have been associated and meant for transit functions. The mere lack of auxiliary functions has made such tubes dark and boring voids. In this project, we seek to re-imagine an existing tube located in Kunming City, China as a happy urban space for the people, and the city. We propose this underground tube as a large hidden game with fragmented micro-games at instances, where people could take a stroll, play, run, or just be merry. 

The game of whispers popularly known as ‘Chinese whispers’ or ‘Telephone’ or ‘Russian scandal’ in many places revolves around transferring messages from one person to another with the original one being morphed in the process. Regardless, the excitement lies in those garbled messages than the original one. In this project, the idea of the scrambled messages is transformed as spatial manifestations by virtue of a series of ephemeral functions at sequential instances. A continuum is created by articulation of the space using colorful surface treatments on the floor, walls, and roofs, such that when a user passes from one end to the other, the surfaces and functions are significantly morphed simultaneously.