T R Radhakrishnan is an architect and a graduate student in the Urban Design program at Harvard University where he is the recipient of the Dean’s Merit Scholarship. His design interests dive into the larger spectrum of social egalitarianism, climate justice, and circular cities. He has professional experience in projects that range from territorial to the built scale, applying community-driven approaches, public space planning, and urban systems thinking. He has actively worked on projects around the world such as in India, Africa, Haiti, the United States, Japan, Spain, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

He received his
Bachelor of Architecture with distinction from the School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University, as the Best Outgoing Student and award for Outstanding Overall Performance in Architecture. Radhakrishnan is also an emerging social entrepreneur, and his works are highly regarded in multiple forums, notably, he emerged as the top 10 Social innovator in India under the United Nations Development Programme, Government of India. In 2020, he founded rad OFFICE, a design agency for radical thinkers and interdisciplinary professionals working towards the design of planetary futures.
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Architecture | Urban Design and Planning | Research and Critic | Design and Advocacy | Social Entrepreneurship | Equity and Resilience

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- Harvard Real Estate Research Grant Recipient, 2022 ($2,000)
- MIT DesignX Impact Award, Spring 2022 ($5,000)
Judith Camilla Larocque Memorial Fund, Spring 2022 ($7,500)
MIT PKG Social Innovation Challenge Jury Grant Recipient, Spring 2022 ($1,000)
- Massachusetts Institute of Technology DesignX Seed Recipient, Spring 2022 ($10,000)
- Harvard Innovation Lab Venture Program Fellow, 2021-22 ($1,000)
- MIT Sandbox Innovation Grant Recipient, Fall 2021 ($4,500)
- Archiprix World's Best Graduation Projects Award, 2021 (Nominated)
- Top 10 Young Social Innovators of 2020 by UNDP India, Atal Innovation Mission, and NITI Aayog, 2020
- Everest Industry Scholarship Award for Excellence in Architecture, 2019
- Council of Architecture National Thesis Award, 2019 (Nominated)
- Tamayouz International Graduation Project Award Shortlist, 2019
- Asia Young Designer Best Student Award, 2018
- Re-thinking Future Sustainable Award, 2017
- Enceladus Architecture Award, 2017
- SD Sharma Sustainable Design Award, 2016
- Dean’s Merit Scholarship for Master’s degree at Harvard University, 2021-23
- Padmashree Lakshman Mahadev Chitale Endowment for best Undergraduate Thesis, 2020 
- A.L. Mudaliar Prize for standing first in Undergraduate Thesis, 2020
- Anna University Award for the best student in the B.Arch program, 2014-19
- K. Narayan Endowment for the best outgoing student of Anna University, 2019
- Sakthi Srinivasan Sudarshan Pavithra Memorial Award for the best outgoing student of Anna University, 2019
- A.Venkatarathinam Award for securing the highest grades in the B.Arch program, 2016-19
- Fenn Bennet Pithavidian Endowment for securing the first rank in design, 2014-19
- Late I.Sudarshan Endowment for best overall performance in architectural design, 2019
- Lion Sesha Sankar Memorial Award for outstanding academic performance in Undergraduate degree, 2014-19
- Thiru.C.R.Narayana Rao Memorial Endowment for best overall performance in Undergraduate degree, 2014-18
- Alumni Club Award for best overall performance in 3rd year of B.Arch program, 2017
- Finalist at ULI Hines student design competition, 2022 
- Winner(2nd) at Streets for People Competition by Tiruchirapalli City Corporation, 2021
- Winner(2nd) at Covai national urban design competition, 2021
- Winner(2nd) at Ente Kochi national urban design competition, 2020
- Top 10 at Viktor Nilsen international competition in Ukraine, 2020
- First Place at ArchSharing rural school in Haiti competition, 2019
- Regional Winner at Saint Gobain Transparence student competition, 2016
- Runner-up at Indian institute of Architects student competition, 2015
- Jury commendation in green building competition by IGBC-Indian green building council, 2015
- Honorable Mention at Gwalior re-invent national competition, 2016
- Finalist at the association of Siamese architects design competition, 2017
- Finalist at the national community furniture design competition, 2018
- Finalist at Tube 8X8X300 competition in China by Daren R&D and CityX Lab, 2020
- Shortlisted for re-imagining Buckingham canal national competition, 2018
Radhakrishnan is a licensed Architect with the Council of Architecture, India: CA/2019/112314
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