Competition Finalist (top 10)
Client: Municipal commercial enterprise of Mariupol city council
Collaborators: Bala Nagendran M, Mona Vijaykumar

‘Mariupol breathes’ as an approach for re-imagining the Vyzvolennia square and DASU building, aims to fill Mariupol with a healthy and happy air. The design by principle attempts to nullify any and all ill-effects that the city’s industrial and business activities may pose to people and their living environment. ‘Rooms’ as spatial volumes are variants of play and pause, with its essentiality anchored to ‘breathing’ across five layers Intersection, Interconnection, Insertion, Integration, Inclusion. 
The central space is recovered as a ‘common breathing field’ for people. The buildings from being static objects will unwrap as rooms for economic stimulation by giving a place for local businesses. The breathing field is interspersed with volumes tied together by a serpentine pedestrian spine. The layout allows free movement as well as curated narration, as the rooms link rooms set own volume, mood, program, and aesthetics. The rooms crawl over buildings to impart new energy to its program, purpose, and image. It brings porosity and adds floor spaces. The rooms are woven with an intricate layer of green and blue landscape components that fills and filter air and water. The green layer is strengthened as clusters, avenues, and specimens. A combination of porous pebble beds, lawns, permeable hard paving, and sponge basins ensures water management. The rooms are laid out with an unsaid hierarchy that sets the gradation by the varying density of greenery, the degree of enclosure and transparency, the proportion of active edges, and the punctuation with colour. ​​​​​​​
Visual Credits: Missing Picture and T R Radhakrishnan
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