Team: Karthick Raja

The human tendency to find spatial warmth existed since early man. The most primitive warming huts were natural rudimentary enclosures in forms of caves, articulated landform, or even a tree. 
Modern innovations in building materials have provided possibilities to refine the tectonics of earth minerals to produce materials such as glass that allow open and transparent enclosures yet providing the same sense of warmth. This marked the idea of sophisticated architecture.
In this project, the idea of warming hut is interpreted as a primitive sophistication, which formalizes the primitive cave-like shelter, materialized through sophisticated glass. The shelter as hut is conceived using a white metal frame that buttresses fabricated blown glass modules. The hut sits along the banks of the frozen river, almost transparent like frozen water, blurring the serene white landscape. The stacked blown glass, layers and refracts light and all forms of existence around it. Here warmth becomes both a physical and mental illusion. 
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