Undergraduate Thesis
School of Architecture and Planning, Anna University
Critics : Dr. K.R.Sitalakshmi, Jeyaradha Jeyaram, Ar. Rajamurugan
At the crossroads of cities, there lie strong chances for conflict and a new set of opportunities to collapse or change paths. Crossroads are over-rated for the concerns of safety, yet there are gateways for risk which may take us to the fairyland. Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, India — perceptually associated with the world’s worst industrial disaster of 1984 at Union Carbide Industrial Plant — is at one such crossroads. This thesis explores this juncture and presents a spectrum of speculations that re-imagine the context, content, and composition. 
The spark for re-imagination came from the site. Let alone during the field observations, the site was rejoiced by a few neighborhood kids, playing games of their choice and enthralling the place as if it always belonged to them. This was an inspiration to deduct the old memories and ameliorate new stories where the buildings of evil become the toys of their game and the contaminated fields their grounds to play. These stories built on fallacies that replaced the existing landscape as sweets to consume and rejoice in, illustrating diverse paths of consumption are the catalysts for generating forms. Fallacies, as both the lock and key, the conflict and the agreement, the constraint, and the opportunity – making Form Follows Fallacy. 
The re-imagination being set within the mental boundaries of a kid establishes a new unconstructed fallacy that brings excitement, happiness, and events to the dead site as likely an act of a Circus coming to the city. City circus is an artistic, philosophical, and political content at the crossroads of Architecture and Urbanism to give room for temporal building and enable the site and the city to continuously undergo the process of construction and deconstruction. The architectural expression stresses curating stories that are intentionally incomplete and build ‘a different kind of factory’ where memories are produced, fallacies are layered and happiness is cherished.

Nominated for Archiprix International World's Best Graduation Projects 2021 (Click here)
Shortlisted for the Seoul Biennale for Architecture and Urbanism 2021
Best Undergraduate Thesis Award at Anna University​​​​​​​​​​​​​​