Competition Winner (Selected for implementation)
Organizer: TECHO Haiti and ArchSHARING
Team: Karthikeyan V J

The Caribbean architecture is a cultural reflection of life out-of-doors. Daily activities are not constricting indoor; rather extend out to breathe fresh air and bathe in sun. Here, architecture is meant as a volume for storage, a shelter from the rain, and a place to sleep. The raised floor plane becomes the space-maker. Though subtle in presence, plinth establishes itself as the most significant element with the structure engineered for earthquakes.

This project speculates the meaning of learning space with the element of plinth as the kid’s medium to communicate with the site; creating a playful dialogue that enriches the learning experience. The fluid organization of blocks ties themselves through the meandering plinth amidst a grid of trees. The plinth presents itself as art on land; a poem on the ground.
Featured in Archdaily (Click here)

I exist beneath your act,
keeping you intact,   
Gazing the sun,
Having lots of fun,
I meander through the site, 
Flying as though a kite,
With all the grime,
Making sounds of chime,
I like to jump,
Making a lump,
While taking a ride,
Along the side,
Running across the field,
Trying to yield,
Yet, holding you safe,
After all, I am just like a kid,
So, play like me,
Play with me.


video credits: Techo Haiti

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