Client: Jorejick's Family
Team: Karthikeyan V J

Houses in the African region are typically protective enclosures with a plinth, roof, and a single looped wall giving rise to a simple room. With the daily flow of activities, this room gets reconfigured with temporary partitions to facilitate diverse functions which nurtures the feeling of home. Often being four-sided volume, the walls in relation to the plinth and roof have a tendency to not only protect but demarcate and divide spaces inside and outside, private and public, embedding subtle spatial emotions and dynamics.

Tanzanian architecture’s essence we believe is in celebrating nature and everyday life through simple expression. In this project, we manifest the Jorejick’s home for fifteen members by articulating and interpreting the single looped wall. It meanders, bends, breaks, turns and creates a singular room with opportunities to reconfigure smaller rooms. Resonating the idea that every member of the family has equal part in building this home, the wall is conceptualized as an associative element for everyone to make memories and share lives. Here the domestic animals are treated as an equally significant member for livelihood by providing spaces for their comfort. Similar to the family, the wall stands as a united whole yet is experienced as diverse parts.
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