Client: Let’s Build My School (UK Registered Charity)
Team: Santiago Murcia Beltrán

As amusing as play, as ridiculous as a comic, School with Goofy Gestures takes a hilarious, light-hearted, and kid-like position. Spatial goofiness stands for the informal physical structure that differs to align with the linear conventional borders, yet has much pertinence in order - as relatable and noticeable as in rural planning. The lack of formal definition or sophistication is the Marsassoum essence of the quirky rural proposition. These rational informalities that exist in the context have informed the design of School with articulated quirkiness for spaces to play and learn. The composition works with playfully organized lines with juxtaposed angles, staggered volumes, rotated roofs, and undulating surfaces for creating a joyful, inclusive, and contextual space for children. 
The programmatic organization is anchored to the central open space creating a safe enclosure. The multi-purpose community room marks the threshold and extends onto the central open space. The kitchen complements the current position of the well. The addition of orchard and coral accentuates the north-west corner. The careful arrangement of interior elements allows breakage from a conventional mundane classroom set up and creates an exciting, open learning space. The central court will serve as an adaptive play area that could accommodate other community activities of Marsassoum town during non-school days. 
A formal plinth, undulating surface, and fluid peripheral edges set the content for the base - the subtle goofy component that mediates with the ground and the components above. The staggered rooms create voids and niches that will allow chances for spatial intimacy and accommodate smaller gatherings at the scale of kids. The sandbag walls with earth sourced from the site become planes of communication between inside and outside with arched openings that become entry, seating, window, and tables; rather than being spatial barriers. The brick vaulted roofs have slits for a well-lit interior and the fenestrations on either side allow cross ventilation. The thick mud walls and double roofs act as insulation to protect interiors from the excessive heat.
Through the components of the plinth, wall, roof, fenestrations, and their composition, the design presents slices of goofy gestures through interaction and modulation with light, shadow, materiality, and water. What the kids would add through play is the spatial bonus.
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Visual credits: Missing Picture